Criminal Investigative FunctionThe Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators – Third Edition

The Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators, the Amazon Best Seller in the categories of Law Enforcement and Forensics is back and better than before. After months of rewriting and editing the 3rd Edition of my textbook, it has finally been published! I think it was easier to write the first edition then the third.

The 3rd Edition is a complete rewrite of the 2nd Edition with changes in the law, forensic science, with new images and questions added to the end of each chapter.

There are four (4) entirely new chapters added to the text that is timely and necessary for policing in 2017:

1. Enhancing Patrol’s Function in Criminal Investigation

2. A Social Media Plan for Investigations

3. Cold Case Investigations

4. Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) Investigation

The first edition of the text was published in December of 2010 and stood at 180 pages. The Third Edition now has 378.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – The Criminal Investigative Process
Chapter 2 – Enhancing Patrol’s Function in Criminal Investigation
Chapter 3 – Criminal Identification Systems
Chapter 4 – Search and Seizure
Chapter 5 – Crime Scene Protocol
Chapter 6 – The Follow-up Investigation
Chapter 7 – A Social Media Plan for Investigations
Chapter 8 – Eyewitness Identification
Chapter 9 – Interview and Interrogation
Chapter 10 – Investigative Report Writing
Chapter 11 – Introduction to Special Investigations
ChapterĀ 12 – Death Investigations
ChapterĀ 13 – Cold Case Investigations
ChapterĀ 14 – Sexual Assault Investigations
Chapter 15 – Robbery Investigations
Chapter 16 – Aggravated Assault Investigations
Chapter 17 – Burglary Investigations
Chapter 18 – Grand Larceny/Theft and Grand Larceny Auto
Chapter 19 – Arson Investigations
Chapter 20 – Missing Persons Investigations
Chapter 21 – Officer Involved Shooting Investigations
Chapter 22 – Trial Preparation

For instructors that adopt the text as required reading will also receive a DVD containing PowerPoints for all twenty-two chapters.

Instructors can order a Desk Copy here