Fatal Mistakes in a Homicide Investigation #3

Not Taking Enough Crime Scene Photographs By: Joseph Giacalone It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words and crime scene photography is no different. Crime crime scene photos tell the story of the horrific events that transpired [...]

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Fatal Mistakes in a Homicide Investigation #2

Marrying Your Theory By: Joseph Giacalone There is an old maxim, “Be careful who you date, you might end up marrying them.” The same line of thinking has a lot to do with theory building in homicide investigations. A theory [...]

Social Media Heating Up Cold Cases

Social Media heating up cold casesBy: Joseph GiacaloneSocial media is heating up cold cases. The explosive growth of social media has been amazing to watch. As a former law enforcement officer I used social media during investigations to try and tap [...]

Connecticut is the Latest State to Change Eyewitness Identification Procedures

As of May 1, 2013, all police departments in the state of Connecticut will be mandated to implement new eyewitness identification procedures that are designed to prevent mis-identification and subsequently wrongful convictions. In response to the Innocence Project and other [...]

No Drug Sniffing Dogs Outside a Home Without Warrant

Florida v. Jardines and the 4th Amendment No Drug Sniffing Dogs Outside a Home Without Warrant By: Joseph L. Giacalone With all of the fanfare going on outside the U.S. Supreme Court about Proposition 8 and Gay Marriage, a decision was [...]

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