6 Fundamental Questions in Homicide Investigations

There are many questions that must be answered during a homicide investigation, but there are six (6) fundamental ones that an investigator must keep at the forefront of every case: 1.  Who was the victim? 2.  How were they murdered? 3. [...]

Fatal Mistakes in a Homicide Investigation #2

Marrying Your Theory By: Joseph Giacalone There is an old maxim, “Be careful who you date, you might end up marrying them.” The same line of thinking has a lot to do with theory building in homicide investigations. A theory [...]

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The Homicide and Death Investigations Course

This past week, the Greenwich Police Department sponsored a Five (5) Day Homicide and Death Investigations Course at their police headquarters. Joe Giacalone and other practitioners in the field, including the new Chief Medical Examiner of Connecticut, Dr. James Gill, taught [...]

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