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Cold Case Squad

4 Keys That Led to the Capture of Ahmad Khan Rahami

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, Ahmad Khan Rahami, unleashed a wave of terror in Seaside New Jersey at a Marine Corp 5K run, which culminated at night with two pressure cooker bombs in Chelase, New York City. Rahami had the City on edge as the NYPD and the FBI looked to put pieces of the puzzle together. Rahami wasn’t done. Early Monday morning, curious onlookers discovered a knapsack full of pipe bombs at a train station in Elizabeth, NJ.

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IACP Release New Guide on Handling Officer Involved Shootings

The International Chiefs of Police (IACP) released a new guide for police executives, administrators and investigators on how to handle officer involved shootings (OIS). Over the past year since Ferguson, the focus of much of the nation is what police officers do and why they use deadly physical force.

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NY State Passes Law Requiring Medical Examiners to Use NamUs

New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill into law requiring all medical examiners and coroners in the state to input unidentified human remains exemplars into the National Missing and Unidentified System, or NamUs for short. Most of the public that even knows about this are scratching their heads on why it wasn’t required before?

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Forensic Entomologist Dr. Jason Byrd on Crime Talk (S1, E12)

Tonight at 5:35PM EST, on Crime Talk, WRCN 103.9FM, I will have University of Florida Board Certified Forensic Entomologist, Dr. Jason Byrd. We will be discussing the role that insects play in aiding investigators with the Post Mortem Interval (PMI), also known as the Estimated Time of Death (ETD).

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The National Law Enforcement Museum (S1, E11)

Tonight at 5:35PM EST, on Crime Talk, I will speak with Rebecca Looney, the Senior Director of Exhibits and Programs for the future National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington D.C. set to open in 2018. The Museum will be built directly across the street from the Law Enforcement Memorial.

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What is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner? (S1, E10)

Tonight on Crime Talk, 5:35PM EST, I will speak with Nurse Practitioner Michelle Tepper, a certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, or SANE for short. We will discuss the critical role that forensic nurses play in sexual assault investigations. Every sexual assault has three (3) crime scenes:

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Michelle Feldman of the Innocence Project on Crime Talk (S1, E8)

Tonight on Crime Talk at 5:35 PM EST on WRCN 103.9 FM Suffolk County N.Y., I welcome Michelle Feldman of the Innocence Project. Michelle and I will discuss the two largest  contributors for wrongful convictions in the United States: Eyewitness misidentification and false confessions and what is being done about it.

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Lauri Stevens: Social Media in Law Enforcement on Crime Talk

Social media is not only changing our personal lives, but how law enforcement does outreach, community policing and more importantly, how they investigate crimes.

Tonight, at 5:35PM EST, Lauri Stevens will join me for Crime Talk on WRCN 139. FM, Suffolk County, NY. Lauri is the founder of LAwS Communications and her career spans decades as an interactive media professional, with a unique niche: law enforcement. Since 2005, Lauri has been improving communications for law enforcement agencies in the United States as well as Canada and the UK.

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Tonight’s Guest on Crime Talk Radio: Barry A. J. Fisher (S1, E6)

Season 1, Episode 6: Dr. Barry A.J. Fisher

Tonight at 5:35PM EST on WRCN 103.9 FM will be Barry A. J. Fisher, the former Forensic Chief of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab, former President of American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and author of Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, now in it’s 8th Edition. Dr. Fisher is also the co-author of Forensics Demystified and an Introduction to Criminalistics: The Foundation of Forensic Science.

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J. Todd Matthews: Director of Case Management for NamUs on Crime Talk

The National Missing Unidentified Persons System

On Saturday, April 9, 2016, J. Todd Matthews, the Director of Case Management for the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) was on Crime Talk, WRCN 103.9 FM. Todd spoke to the host of Crime Talk, Joe Giacalone and discussed NamUs as an investigative tool, how families can use it and what is the future of NamUs 2.0.

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Bring Joe Into Your Investigation

Police departments looking to increase their current homicide clearance rates by closing old cases is a challenge. With shrinking budgets and staff, many departments find themselves shelving old cases in order to keep up with the daily workload. Get a fresh set of eyes and a full evaluation of your cases from the cold case experts and let us discover what cases are primed for further investigation.

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