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“Blame it on all on Brownsville, Brooklyn” Murder Incorporated

In Brownsville, Brooklyn, at the corner of Livonia and Saratoga Avenues, stood a small twenty-four hour candy store named Midnight Rose’s. This wasn’t any ordinary candy store. It housed some of the most lethal for-hire Jewish and Italian contract killers that this country has ever known. While sharing egg creams and betting on Dodger games played at Ebbets Field, these men, dubiously named Murder Incorporated by the press, carried out over eight hundred contract murders. Many if not all are still unsolved.

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Tainting Juries and Witnesses One Tweet at a Time

For an investigator, avoiding contamination of your witnesses and victims was a task that was hard enough. Now, that task has become Herculean with our interconnected social lives, 24 hour news channels and mobile technology. What do we need to do?

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Why Would Six People Confess to a Crime They Didn’t Commit? – Guest Blog by Evelyn Penny

Mistakes at a crime scene can all too easily send an investigation off on the wrong track or lead to a vital clue being missed, but sometimes the problems run deeper than simple human error or incompetence. Sometimes a crime has been left unsolved, or the wrong person convicted, because the investigators focused on dragging out a confession from their favorite suspect, rather than actually trying to find out who committed the crime.

Probably the worst case of this kind occurred in Iceland in the 1970s. Six people were coerced into confessing to involvement in the murder of two men who had disappeared, ten months apart, on the island. The case is not just a testament to the need for proper interviewing techniques, but also a shocking insight into just how malleable our memories can be.

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U.S. Supreme Court to Law Enforcement: Get a Warrant to Search a Cell phone!

The U.S. Supreme Court decided on two cases today that effect the way law enforcement obtains information from cell phones: Riley v. California and U.S. v. Wurie. In a rare unanimous decision, the Supreme Court has made it perfect clear: law enforcement must obtain a search warrant if it wants to go through a suspect’s …

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ColdCaseSquad.com Named One of the Top 101 Criminal Justice Sites on the Net

I’m excited to report that Criminal Justice Degrees has added my blog, The Cold Case Squad to their Top 101 Criminal Justice Websites.

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Bring Joe Into Your Investigation

Police departments looking to increase their current homicide clearance rates by closing old cases is a challenge. With shrinking budgets and staff, many departments find themselves shelving old cases in order to keep up with the daily workload. Get a fresh set of eyes and a full evaluation of your cases from the cold case experts and let us discover what cases are primed for further investigation.

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