Barry A. J. Fisher

Tonight at 5:35PM EST on WRCN 103.9 FM will be Barry A. J. Fisher, the former Forensic Chief of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab, former President of American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and author of Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, now in its 8th Edition. Dr. Fisher is also the co-author of Forensics Demystified and an Introduction to Criminalistics: The Foundation of Forensic Science.

We will be discussing the future of forensics, including DNA Phenotyping – the ability to create a face from a DNA profile. Police in Tacoma, Washington, cold case detectives are trying to heat up a 30 year-old double murder of two young girls. Will this case hold up to either the Frye Standard in some states or the Daubert Ruling in most states? It will be interesting to see how the case plays out.

There are been a number of issues with the crime laboratories in the United States over the past few years. There have been FBI analysts that have overstated the value of hair follicle testing, analysts that have falsified tests and problems with bite mark evidence (forensic odontology). In 2009, The National Academy of Sciences, published Strengthening Forensic Science: A Path Forward, and not much has been completed since then. It is still a voluntary process to have an accredited laboratory in the U.S. Would you go to a hospital that wasn’t accredited?

Tacoma Cold Case Investigation
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