Dying Declaration

“Dying Declaration” – Reasonable Doubt (S1, Ep.5)

I made my return to the Investigation Discovery Channel this past week in their new show, Reasonable Doubt. The premise behind Reasonable Doubt is to re-examine the evidence, confessions and eyewitness testimony that lead to the arrest and conviction. Is there a possibility that the individual is innocent?

What is a Dying Declaration?

In “Dying Declaration,” the victim stated that a drug dealer shot him and then died. A Dying Declaration is a statement made by an individual that is about to die implicating the suspect. At the time of the statement, the victim must believe that they are about to die with no chance of recovery. The statement made at the time is an exemption to the Hearsay Rule and would be admissible in court. The victim, in this case, did not identify the perpetrator by name.

The Episode

Far Rockaway, Queens, New York

A local preacher was gunned down on the street and the police had very few leads. The main information that led police to a suspect was an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers is an anonymous program that provides reward money for information that leads to an arrest and an indictment. The cash reward was never collected in this case, leading some to speculate that the police set up the suspect. However, that is not unusual and I explain how the program works and what it all could mean. The last year of my career I spent as the Commanding Officer of the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Unit. In this episode, I provide insight on cases like this, how the Crime Stoppers program works, how information is vetted and disseminated to the investigating detective.

Watch the show and you be the judge! Visit the Investigation Discovery Channel for this episode and more.