banner that says 2015 crime in the united states

The FBI released the final 2015 Uniform Crime Report (UCR), with not much fanfare. The numbers don’t look good.

Here are some of the takeways:

Murder was up 10.8% – (15,696) almost 1,400 more murders than 2014
Overall violent crime was up nearly 4%
The most disturbing facts are that clearance rates for crime against the person and crimes against property continue to fall (except GLA). For instance, the clearance for Murder fell to 61.5%, which translates to over 6,000 cold cases so far in 2015.

Let’s look at the crime clearances:

Crime Clearances: 2015 2014 Difference
Murder 61.5 64.5 – 3.0%
Rape 36.2 38.5 – 2.3%
Felony Assault 29.3 29.6 – 0.3%
Burglary 54 56.3 – 2.3%
Larceny 12.9 13.6 – 0.7%
GLA 21.9 23 – 1.1%

Police departments are closing fewer and fewer crimes which means there is a stronger likelihood of further victimization to the public.

With the spike in violent crime, the heroin epidemic and falling clearance rates, have we hit bottom in the crime reduction in the United States? I say we have.

Here is the final UCR Report