2017 Law Enforcement Officers Killed Report

The FBI has released the 2017 Statistics for Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted report. In 2017, there were forty-six (46) officers felonioulsy killed. Gunfire (42) was the major cause of death. This is a 30% decrease in murders of law enforcement officers from 2016.

The numbers in these FBI reports don’t contain data on other manners of death such as Natural, Accidental or Suicide. Inside each of the yearly reports, researchers can find information related to the murders by region, location, weapons used, race (of victim and suspect), gender, body armor worn, etc.

Ambushes of Police Decrease Dramatically

The big takeaway from this year’s report, is that ambushes of police officers fell dramatically in 2017. Five (5) officers were killed in ambushes in 2017 compared to seventeen (17) in 2016. Every year the ambush number fluctuates, but returned more toward the mean in 2017.

2017 – 5
2016 – 17
2015 – 4
2014 – 7

These figures are a reminder that officers should maintain a strong situatlaional awareness, always were their bullet-resistant vest and deploy good tactics. Train hard, keep your weapon in good working condition and always be alert because complacency is deadly.

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