Indiana Teens Found Murdered

Joe Giacalone on Inside Edition

Indiana Teens Found Murdered

Delphi, Indiana

Stories don’t get too much worse than this. Two friends, Abigail Williams and Liberty German, went for a day out in the Delphi Historic Trail on February 14, Presidents Day, and never returned home. It’s every parent’s nightmare and investigators are piecing clues of what transpired that day with help from an unbelievable source.

Suspect Captured on Video

Liberty and Abigail were doing what kids do – chatting, taking photographs and sharing them to social media. It appears that Liberty Snapchatted a photo of Abigail on the abandoned railroad tracks that may possible shows a figure in the background. A quick thinking Liberty was also able to capture a photo and the voice of the suspect in the killings. The blurry still photo has been circulated widely as well as the suspect’s voice stating, “Down the hill.” The Delphi Police Department are asking everyone that lives in the area to study the photo and to listen to the recording.

As in many investigations, the police are not releasing all of the information on this case – namely the cause of death or if DNA evidence has been recovered from the scene. Police departments must be careful how much information is shared with the public. If not, they lose investigative time by chasing non-fruitful leads. From an investigative standpoint, I’d like to see the Delphi Police release some of the video showing the suspect walking. Maybe he has a unique gait or other oddity that someone would be able to recognize.

I had the opportunity to speak with Inside Edition and share my thoughts on how the police would investigate the case. Unlike most cases, investigators have a great starting point due to the quick thinking of one of the girls.



If you have information on these murders, please call the Delphi Police Department Homicide Squad at 1-844-459-5786.