Crime Talk with Joe GiacaloneWelcome to Crime Talk, a new radio show on WRCN 103.9 FM!

Joseph Giacalone will make his radio host debut with Crime Talk on Saturday, March 12, on 103.9 FM, Suffolk County, New York at 5:30 PM. Each week, Joe will share his expertise and discuss intriguing local and national crime stories ripped directly from the headlines. Do you think you know how criminal investigations work?

Joe has lined up a series of additional experts from all over the field of Criminal Justice: investigators, medical examiners, forensic experts, crime scene technicians, prosecutors, and police representatives that will shed some light on how things are supposed to be done and not how they appear on television. Topics will cover all aspects of policing, forensics and death investigations.

Some of the scheduled guests include: famous forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, former New Jersey Forensic Crime Lab Chief Richard Saferstein, former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Forensic Chief Barry A. J. Fisher, guests from The Innocence Project, the National Law Enforcement Museum and many more. All of the radio shows will be posted eventually for those that want to listen after the show.

Joe and his guests will take your questions live via social media whenever time permits at:


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