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Social media is not only changing our personal lives, but how law enforcement does outreach, community policing and more importantly, how they investigate crimes. Social media in law enforcement is playing a role on how police departments conduct business.

Tonight, at 5:35PM EST, Lauri Stevens will join me for Crime Talk on WRCN 139. FM, Suffolk County, NY. Lauri is the founder of LAwS Communications and her career spans decades as an interactive media professional, with a unique niche: law enforcement. Since 2005, Lauri has been improving communications for law enforcement agencies in the United States as well as Canada and the UK.

In 2016, law enforcement agencies are still struggling with community relationships in the wake of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland riots. Can social media help bridge the gap between the public and the police? Lauri and I will delve deep into the issues that are plaguing American law enforcement at the moment and social media may hold the key to some answers. We both feel strongly that communication can help mend some fences between the public and the police.

Social media is also changing the way that law enforcement is conducting criminal investigations. The “Look at Me” generation of criminals continue to post their exploits on social media for the world and law enforcement to see. The police have tools at their disposal to help solve crimes in ways never thought of before. I refer to them as the Three Forensic Horseman:

  1. Cellphone records
  2. Internet records
  3. Surveillance video

The growth of the smartphone is becoming a treasure trove of information for law enforcement and incorporate two of the Forensic Horseman. Supreme Court challenges to their use as an investigative tool have only begun. The latest showdown between the FBI and Apple over the iPhone of the San Bernadino terrorists only highlighted the problem.

Lauri created the first Social Media in Law Enforcement Conference, SMILE Con for short, in 2005. This year is the 13th Annual SMILE Con which is being held in Alexandria, Virginia.

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