Long Island Serial Killer ShowWhat we know

The Long Island Serial Killer show, Part 1, on WRCN 103.9FM with morning show host, Jay Oliver and me, had some interesting takeaways, developments, and surprise guests. It has now been over six (6) years since the remains of four (4) women were found scattered in close proximity to one another and wrapped in burlap. These cases dubbed the “Gilgo Four,” put Gilgo Beach, Long Island on the map. Adding to the drama, then Suffolk County Police Commissioner, Richard Dormer, made the startling statement, “…that we could have a serial killer.”

Before the end of 2011, both Suffolk and Nassau County Police Departments recovered the remains of seven (7) additionals, including a toddler and an Asian male dressed in women’s clothing along Ocean Parkway. For a number of years, the public heard nothing about the case. Many Long Islanders went about their lives as if nothing had happened. In the Fall of 2016, A&E premiered a show called, The Killing Season. The show’s creators, Josh Zeman and Rachel Mills, used their investigative reporting skills and led a tribe of Websleuths on a mission – uncover the Long Island Serial Killer.

New Discoveries

The Killing Season sparked new interest in the case that many would say led to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, NamUs, identification of “Peaches.” Peaches’ torso was found in Hempstead Lake State Park in 1997. Now NamUs has linked Peaches to Gilgo, as Jane Doe #3, who was discovered in Nassau County in April 2011. What made this discovery more important, is that Peaches, is the mother of Baby Jane Doe.

On top of these discoveries, Shannan Gilbert Family Attorney, John Ray, dropped another bombshell. Mr. Ray held a press conference with Leann a former escort. Leann stated that she had sex with former disgraced Suffolk County Chief of Police James Burke in Oak Beach. Oak Beach is the community that escort Shannan Gilbert disappeared from in March of 2010. Mr. Ray called into the show and shared some information on the latest bombshell. Listen

We also spoke with Rachel Mills and the exciting discovery of peaches. Listen