MS 13 Gang

MS 13 Gang Threatens to Kill Cops

The MS 13 Gang, reeling from arrests, has threatened to kill police officers. A number of high-profile arrest sweeps and prosecutions  have angered the gang.

Police on Long Island have keeping up the pressure on MS 13. The arrest and extradition of current Eastcoast MS 13 leader, Miguel Angel Corea Diaz, also known as “Reaper,” was just the latest. The gang operates in a number of states, but Long Island has been hit particularity hard. The gang made itself a household name with at least seventeen murders over the past couple of years. The violent gang also brought to light, a little known federal program called, “The Unaccompanied Minor Program.” This program has been the focus of the MS 13 Gang investigation. Gang members have been able to infiltrate the system and set up shop here on Long Island.

I had a chance to speak with CBS New York reporter, Valerie Castro about the threat. Any threat against the police must be taken very seriously. Should the ordinary citizen be concerned? In my opinion, yes. If this gang is willing to threaten to kill cops, what do you think they’d do to the ordinary citizen?

Here is the clip from CBS New York: