NYC Subway Suicide Bomber

NYC Subway Suicide Bomber

David Asman and Joe Giacalone

A would-be NYC Subway Suicide Bomber nearly inflicted mass casualties yesterday. In a little less than a month and a half, New York City has suffered another terrorist attack. The bomber’s vest prematurely went off in a passageway under the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan injuring five. The device was described as a crudely made pipe bomb. It was a near miss on a subway station packed with morning commuters, visitors, and tourists.

ISIS Inspired

Akayed Ullah was born in Bangladesh and entered the U.S. in 2011 under an F-4 family visa, also known as chain migration. Ullah did speak with investigators and made statements regarding ISIS and the Christmas Market attack in Germany in 2016. According to the U.K. newspaper, The Guardian, Ullah made a social media post regarding President Trump’s failure to protect the American people. Individuals inspired by ISIS attacks is certainly nothing new, but they seem to be occurring more frequently. Investigators must act quickly when securing electronic evidence. Once the identity of the suspect is divulged, their Internet records could disappear. Before making any public statements as to the identity of the suspect, law enforcement agencies should ensure this is secured.

Joe Giacalone on Fox Business News

I had the opportunity to be on Fox Business News with David Asman and Melissa Francis to discuss the case. My two concerns going forward are: Does our intelligence agencies have enough “boots on the ground” to prevent future attacks and what are we doing to pressure Internet social media giants to remove terrorist propaganda? I firmly believe that the Internet is a breeding ground for individuals that are bent on causing chaos and destruction. We should request that our local politicians inquire about ways to mitigate the use of social media by terrorists.