Reasonable Doubt

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Reasonable Doubt on the ID Channel

On FUnny valentine DAY in the town Wednesday, May 24, 2017, at 10 PM EST, I make my return to the Investigation Discovery Channel. This past April, the ID Channel launched a new show, Reasonable Doubt. The new show examines cases that have already been closed by arrest. However, there are some questions that exist as to the person’s guilt – Reasonable Doubt in the minds of many.

Lawyer Melissa Lewkowitz and retired detective Chris Anderson, conduct interviews with those involved in a quest to search for a truth. Is this an example of a miscarriage of justice? Was all of the evidence presented in court? The hosts try to answer these questions and more.

What is Crime Stoppers?

My part in this episode is to define what Crime Stoppers is and explain how it works. Without spoiling the show, the case revolves around an anonymous tip via Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers allows the public to submit information that if it leads to arrest, they will receive a cash reward. In many cases, the tipster never even claims their reward.

In this case, an NYPD detective received information via Crime Stoppers which led to the individual’s arrest.

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