Serial Killers Next Door

Thomas Hargrove and Joe Giacalone

Serial Killers Living Next Door

Do you have a serial killer living next door to you? You probably haven’t given it much thought lately, but maybe you should. The Murder Accountability Project (MAP) has made it easier than ever to find out what’s lurking behind closed doors in your city. MAP now has a new analytical program called “Murder Clusters.”

Murder Clusters

The Murder Accountability Project has created an algorithm that allows the user to identify possible serial killers that operate within a geographic location. This allows law enforcement an opportunity to connect the dots and establish linkage between cases. A mindset that I always stress in my death investigation classes is to think about the case which maybe related to others. This mindset often can often lead to valuable leads as it takes clues in from different cases. Anyone can use the program. College professors, criminal justice researchers, law enforcement, journalists and the public.

Low Clearance Rates

The MAP algorithm targets those areas where a number of unsolved homicide cases are present. Uncleared homicides may indicate that there is a serial killer operating. Therefore, it is extremely important for law enforcement investigators to start re-examining their cold cases. According to the MAP Chairman, Thomas Hargrove, ” a serial killer can dramatically reduce the normal clearance rate for groups of similar victims killed through similar methods. Homicide clearance rates have been steadily declining in the United States. While you are on the MAP site, you can check out how well your local department is doing by clicking on the Clearances Rate tab. You may be pleaseantly surprised or even shocked.

About the Murder Accountability Project

The Murder Accountability Project is, “a nonprofit group that is dedicated to educating the American public on the importance of accurately accounting for unsolved homicides in the United States (MAP – Why we Exist).”

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