crime talk radio with michelle tepper

Tonight on Crime Talk, 5:35PM EST, I will speak with Nurse Practitioner Michelle Tepper, a certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, or SANE for short. We will discuss the critical role that forensic nurses play in sexual assault investigations. Every sexual assault has three (3) crime scenes:

  1. The Victim
  2. The Crime Scene
  3. The Perpetrator

A SANE is a specialized nurse that has received specific forensic training in the recovery of evidence. The SANE collects forensic evidence from the victim of a sexual assault in a specially designed room at the hospital. We will here from Michelle on the proper techniques to avoid crime scene contamination, best practices approach to handling the victim and what is inside the Sexual Offense Evidence Collection Kit.

In addition to seeing patients as a SANE, they provide education on sexual assault, strangulation and domestic violence for health care provides, law enforcement investigators and the community.

Michelle is part of the Suffolk County Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk (VIBS) which has been a pioneer in the domestic violence and rape crisis movements. They have a hotline, counseling, advocacy, court accompaniment, outreach and community education.

The Domestic and Rape Hotline for VIBS is: 1-631-360-3606

Learn more about becoming a Forensic Nurse (SANE)