Stabbings and Slashings in NYC SubwayStabbings and Slashings Up in NYC Subways

Stabbings and slashings are up in New York City Subways in 2017, but is there something to be concerned about? Retired NYPD Sergeant Joseph Giacalone spoke to CBS New York’s Dave Carlin. New Yorkers and tourists should go about their daily work and fun.

What’s the Motive?

According to Chief of the Transit Bureau, Joseph Fox, most of the stabbings has occurred over some “beef.” Since January 1, 2017, there have been forty-five (45) stabbings/slashings in NYC compared to thirty-eight (38) for the same period in 2016. When you factor in the millions of Subway riders each day, the rise is negligible. The real problem is that it is high tourism time in NYC. After the recent vehicle accident in Times Square and now this, politicians are nervous.

Subway users should still take precautions when using any mass transportation. Even though we’re told that New York City is the biggest safe city in the world, everyone still needs to be careful. If there is something that doesn’t feel right to you, go to another train car. If someone gives you a bad vibe, don’t get into staring contests. Sometimes the easiest measures are the most effective. Nothing is worth getting hurt over.

The police department takes these incidents seriously. Subway riders should expect to see a larger uniform presence in and around the platforms. Uniform cops reduce the number of incidents. There may be a few more plain clothes officers also, however, they don’t prevent attacks. Police departments are worried about crime statistics, so flooding the train stations with uniforms will help reduce stats and fear.

The police are always fighting the perception of crime and not so much the statistics. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell people that crime is down, if they don’t feel safe, it won’t matter!

Here is the CBS Channel 2 New York segment:

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