tabloid investigation discovery 2nd Appearance

This Thursday, February 20 at 10 PM EST, I will be making my second appearance on Investigation Discovery Channel’s new show called Tabloid with host, Jerry Springer.

If you have been watching the show, you already know that cases are ripped straight from the headlines. The more bizarre, the better! This week’s show will be no different. Several of us were interviewed about the murder and subsequent investigation into an NYPD Criminalist, Michelle Lee. The sheer brutality of the murder as well as other signature aspects at the crime scene, left investigators scratching their heads. Who could have committed such a brutal act? As investigators look into the murder if one of their own, you won’t believe what they find.

We’ll, you have to tune in to find out what twist and turns await investigators!

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I will be tweeting live during the event using the hashtags #Tabloid #IDAddict