Karina Vetrano Case Solved

Karina Verna Case Solved It was a heinous crime. Karina Vetrano left her Howard Beach, Queens home on a late afternoon in early August 2016 for a jog. Surveillance video from a residential camera showed her jogging through her quiet neighborhood. [...]

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DNA: Just One of Many Law Enforcement Tools – Guest Blog

DNA: One of Many Tools Used by Law Enforcement DNA has shaped the investigative world forver By: Evelyn Pence DNA Only One Tool Used by Cold Case Investigators to Solve Crimes Anyone who watches criminal investigation television shows is familiar with DNA as [...]

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Dr. Sir Alec Jeffreys: Forensic Rock Star #2

Sir Alec Jefferys DNA: The First Exoneration and Conviction By: Joseph Giacalone In my first Forensic Rock Star post, I highlighted the important contributions of Edmond Locard. Today’s post will continue with the Forensic Rock Stars that have shaped the world [...]

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