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Who Gets Shot by the Police?

Officer-Involved Shootings Today, local politicians worry more about an officer-involved shooting then balancing their budgets. If you didn’t know better, one would think that there are packs of rogue cops all over the United States hunting down and killing people. But, [...]

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To Release or Not to Release Bodycam Video

To Release or Not to Release Bodycam Video That is the question that is on everyone's mind. The NYPD decided to release bodycam footage of an officer-involved shooting rather early on in the investigation. There is immense pressure on police executives [...]

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IACP Release New Guide on Handling Officer Involved Shootings

At the moment, every police executive should be concerned about handling officer-involved shootings (OIS). The International Chiefs of Police (IACP) released a new guide for police executives, administrators, and investigators on how to handle officer-involved shootings (OIS). Over the past year [...]

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