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The Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators, is a candid, real-world look at investigations, from the crime scene to the courtroom, shared by an ACTUAL investigator. No ivory tower theory. Just the real deal!

The 3rd Edition has been completely revised with new investigative techniques, law updates, additional questions and new forensic photographs. The goal is and always will be to bring you the latest techniques to help close cases faster and reduce the chances of victimization.

In this edition, four (4) new chapters have been added as a powerful look at investigatory steps in today’s most pressurized, socially sensitive force encounters.

· Enhancing Patrol’s Function in Solving Crimes
· Social Media Investigations
· Cold Case Investigations
· Investigating the Officer Involved Shooting

Also included in this edition:

· The truth about criminal investigations – the real challenges, responsibilities and opportunities.
· An exploration of search and seizure that helps the reader gain a thorough understanding of the legalities that impact criminal investigations.
· Recommendations for effective crime scene protocols, from responding and securing the scene to keeping a solid chain of custody
· Guidance on interview strategies, statement analysis, missing persons cases, ID Theft, report writing, utilizing DNA and dealing with the media.
· Each chapter includes summary questions for discussion and review.

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